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Icepack Linux 1.1 Update

The Icepack 1.1 Update updates Icepack 1.0 to:

Kernel Version: - 2.4.2

KDE Included: - No

KDE2 Included: - Yes (2.1)

Gnome Included: - Yes (1.2.1)

XF86 version 4.0.2

The Icepack 1.1 update is downloadable from Icepack’s website as an ISO image.

You simply mount the CD and start the update. You are then prompted to select what you want to install, the options are:

* KDE 2.1

* KOffice

* Kernel 2.4.2

* Gimp 1.2.1

* KDE and Kernel development packages

The installer then detects your processor and starts to install the approiate packages.

Despite the error messages scrolling in the console window during the install everything seemed to work. In order to switch to KDE you need to go into Gnome (the default WM) and click on ‘Switch to KDE next login’. You can then log out and log in to KDE (where you will have an option to go back into Gnome on next login). I decided to try KDE 2.1 and found that it didn’t work! It started loading and stopped when it reached the peripherials part. I was then left with a system without a working window manager. Luckily I spotted the following file in the /usr/bin directory which saved the day:


IF everything had worked I would have been quite happy with my new Icepack system.

Added:  Tuesday, October 30, 2001
Reviewer:  David Johnson
Related Link:  Icepack Linux
hits: 72
Language: eng


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