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South West (UK) Linux User Group FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Category: Main -> General LUG

·  When does the LUG meet?
·  Where is the LUG based?
·  When was the LUG founded?
·  How do I join?

·  When does the LUG meet?

All details of meetings will be posted on the main page.

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·  Where is the LUG based?

The LUG is based in Tavistock, Devon but covers the whole of the South West with meetings being held in central area for most people interested.

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·  When was the LUG founded?

The LUG was founded in November 2000.

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·  How do I join?

There is no formal membership procedure for the LUG, simply join the mailing list or keep an eye on the site to see what's going on. Anyone is welcome to come to meetings.

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