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19th May 2002, The Crawford Hotel, Exeter.

This meeting got off to rather a rocky start... firstly, everything was organised at quite short notice and so there wasn't much time to plan things. Next, the various freebies that we were expecting didn't arrive (and still haven't - obviously never sent). Then there's the fact that I left the digital camera on the kitchen table, so apologies for the lack of pictures. Well, apart from all that, everything went as planned!

Once everyone had arrived we got the demonstration machine set up and Rick gave the first and only talk on VNC. Although he claims he didn't know until that morning, he did offer several days previously (honest!). The talk was very interesting and generated some interest in seeing VNC in action from those who didn't attend our meeting at Ylem, which I hope to satify at our next meeting.

We then tackled some problems being experienced by a few people, only one of which did not get some kind of solution. One was an X-setting problem which was solved quite quickly. Another was a strange problem concerning Redhat 7.2. The machine had an existing installation of Redhat 7.1. For some reason, the kernel on the Redhat 7.2 CD would not boot! It seemed to not identify the fact that the machine had a CPU! It actually had an AMD - possibly some sort of compatiability issue, although the kernel would boot on the demo machine which is an AMD Athlon XP 1700+.
The final problem was Dr. Adrian Midgley who was having a problem with a webcam (quite common) which unfortunately was not solved despite the best efforts of those who tried to help.

As usual, the meeting ended with a long discussion which today covered things such as our Linux@School project as well as current MS liscencing and the battle for free software in Peru.

In conclusion, I'm going to steal a quote from a message Simon Waters sent to the D&C LUG list about the meeting - I think it is a good summing up: -
"Beer was drunk, discussions were had, cheese as a bar snack was eyed suspiciously."

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