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Welcome to the Linux in Business section of the South West LUG site. This section is here to show how Linux can help your business and how it is already helping other local businesses.

Why Linux?

The first and most obvious advantage to Linux is that it's free. Linux can be obtained completely for free over the Internet, as can most of the applications your business will need.
The next advantage is the Linux is more secure. Firstly, any security problems in Linux are often fixed with a patch available within 24 hours of discovery - no other software can even match this. Secondly, there are very few viruses that will affect Linux. You could probably count them on one hand, compared to the many thousands that affect other operating systems.

Articles published under this section: - There will be further articles available here shortly, including case studies of local business who have successfully migrated to Linux.

Hopefully you are now ready to give Linux a try or at least investigate further. If you are looking to perform an internal migration or just set up a single machine to give Linux a try, then the LUG can help. There is a wealth of knowledge and information available via our mailing list.
If you'd prefer a migration performed by professionals or you just want to find out a little more information then the two local companies below can help. Ylem - Intelligent IT
Ylem, award winning IT solutions based in Somerset

Straight Talking Information Technology Solutions
ST Technology, Linux migration specialists based in Devon

NOTE: The two links above are for information purposes only. The LUG does not recommend or advocate these companies.

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