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Mozilla 0.9.7 released
Posted by Anonymous on Sunday, December 23, 2001 - 09:25 PM
Mozilla Anonymous writes "Mozilla are now one step closer to 1.0 with version 0.9.7 of their web browser software on which Netscape is based.
This new version includes various bug-fixes and feature enhancements for both the web browser and mail software as well as for the various other apps that are also included.

Download it for Windows or Linux or click here to read the release notes. I have been using Mozilla since version 0.8 and absolutely love it. It is much better than IE and contains many useful features that IE doesn't, e.g. you can block images from specific sites which allows you to block ads if you wish. The mail software is also great and I now use it for my main mail client which also allows me to filter the mail for spam.
The only criticism I have is that it needs a reasonable system to run on, a P233 with 64Meg of ram is the minimum. Apart from that it's great!

See mozilla.org for more information."

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Mozilla 0.9.7 released | Login/Create an account | 1 Comment
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Re: Mozilla 0.9.7 released (Score: 1)
by Nemesys (-)
on Jan 15, 2002 - 07:13 PM
(User info | Send a message) http://
I must admit from a long term point of view I like Mozilla's chances..
They have got some great ideas like a xml structured framework for skinning mozilla. There is also better xml, xslt support planned. The ability to have greater language support and MathML and SVG based rendering.

All good :-) However, the performance subproject needs to keep on top of things and keep it nice and fast and modular.. Hopefully!

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