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Mandrake Linux 9.0 (Dolphin) Available
Posted by admin on Wednesday, September 25, 2002 - 10:06 PM
Mandrake admin writes "MandrakeSoft today announced the release of Mandrake Linux 9.0 (Dolphin), a new-generation Linux operating system for servers and desktop workstations. Mandrake Linux 9.0 combines all the power and stability of Linux with many new and unique features plus the famous "Mandrake touch" which has a long tradition of excellence and leadership on the desktop.

It includes the latest versions of the premiere Free Software packages, including the newest stable releases of Linux Kernel 2.4.19, KDE 3.0.3, GNOME 2.0, OpenOffice 1.0.1, Mozilla 1.1, GCC 3.1, CUPS 1.1--over 2000 packages in all. The Mandrake Linux 9.0 Download Edition is immediately available as a free download from many Internet locations. Mandrake Linux retail packs (Standard 9.0: $30 USD/30 EUR, PowerPack 9.0: $69 USD/65 EUR, and ProSuite 9.0: $199 USD - 166 EUR)--all including support plans--are now available for pre-order at MandrakeStore http://www.mandrakestore.com. Availability of the retail packs is planned for mid/end October.

The Mandrake Linux 9.0 ProSuite Edition has been Linux Standard Base (LSB 1.2) certified on Sept 25th, 2002.

What's new and unique in Mandrake Linux 9.0 ?

Mandrake Linux has a long tradition of excellence on the desktop: Four years ago we were the first Linux distribution to focus on the "human factor" with Linux. Since that time, MandrakeSoft has continually introduced solid improvements for desktop users and has become widely imitated. As a result of our years of experience and expertise, Mandrake Linux 9.0 offers highly polished graphical environments and many newly redesigned graphical desktops and configuration utilities with the highest level of features and quality.

Unique features make unique products: The Mandrake Linux desktops are dynamic. This means, for instance, that when a new software package is installed or removed, the corresponding icon will appear or disappear instantaneously in the application menu. This same "dynamic" feature also applies to hardware devices: Plug in a USB scanner or WebCam and a corresponding icon appears automatically on the desktop.

Another unique feature in Mandrake Linux 9.0 is "supermount" which lets users access removable media (CD-ROM, floppy, Zip, etc.) instantaneously and transparently without using the traditional "mount/umount" commands.

Additionally, MandrakeSoft is proud to release one of the most advanced Linux systems in regards to hardware recognition. Most of the "latest & greatest" PC devices and protocols -- such as USB 2.0 -- are recognized and configured automatically in Mandrake Linux 9.0. Mandrake 9.0 is the first Linux distribution to natively support NTFS partitions and the WebDAV protocol (for editing and managing files on remote web servers).

Last but not least, Mandrake 9.0 takes the important issue of security to a new level. In early 2000, MandrakeSoft first introduced the concept of "security levels" to the Linux world; in Mandrake Linux 9.0, that concept is expanded with the integration of professional Intrusion detection tools and utilities, encrypted communication support, encrypted filesystems, secured authentication, and more. Even regular desktop users will appreciate the ability to send & receive encrypted email with Mozilla, KMail and Evolution.

For additional information please see:

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Mandrake Linux 9.0 (Dolphin) Available

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