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30th November 2001, The Crawford Hotel, Exeter.

Around 10 people attended our first ever meeting of the LUG at the Crawford Hotel function room in November. We had various demonstrations of all things Linux.

We brought along a few demonstration machines for people to mess with. The main one running Redhat 7.2 with SuSE 7.3 running in a VMWare Virtual Machine. We also brought a laptop running Mandrake 8.1.

There was a demonstration of firewalling on Redhat, VMWare and mail clients in Linux (including Ximian's Evolution).

In the picture on the left, David Johnson is preparing our main demonstration machine before the group arrived.




This was the biggest attraction of the meeting. We had piles of freebies including our SuSE 7.1 mountain of SuSE 7.1 Professional (of which we brought 20).

There was also various other distributions and loads of information including Linux Certification from SAIR and O'Reilly book catalogues (which we can offer a discount on).





There was also a presentation from Rick Timmis of SuperTramp who told us about his companies ongoing Windows to Linux migration with the help of Ylem.

He explained the pros and cons of Linux for SuperTramp and needless to say the pros rather outweighed the cons. Especially interesting was the costs of switching the whole company to Linux compared to keeping Windows...




This is how much of the meeting was spent - chatting (or rather debating in some cases). The topic of conversation varied and included Linux, Windows, minimal Microsoft bashing (of course), the pronunciation of Linux (I knew that was going to happen) through to the composition of the universe (no-one knows how that started...).

All in all I think everyone learnt at least something and it was certainly a worthwhile meeting which has paved the way for future meetings.

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