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Red Hat Unveils Red Hat Linux 7.3
Posted by Anonymous on Monday, May 06, 2002 - 07:06 PM
Red Hat Anonymous writes "Red Hat today released Red Hat Linux version 7.3, a highly configurable operating system designed for deployments ranging from games and personal productivity to file, print and web serving. Red Hat Linux 7.3 adds new productivity tools, personal firewall configuration at installation, and video conferencing software to deliver everything individual users, educational institutions and small businesses need for flexible Internet-based computing. The new version also includes the Linux industry's best support offerings, including Web and telephone access to experts and Red Hat Networkan automated Internet solution for managing Red Hat Linux systems. Nearly five hundred thousand users already leverage Red Hat Network to keep their systems updated and secure.

"Small businesses and enthusiasts are looking for a combination of performance, ease-of-use and value in their technology infrastructure, which is hard to find with today's proprietary operating systems," said Paul Cormier, executive vp of engineering, Red Hat. "Red Hat Linux 7.3 delivers this through a combination of open source software, support and automated remote services for confident Internet-based computing."

New Features Increase Productivity and Flexibility
Red Hat Linux 7.3 delivers cutting-edge open source technologies, new features and updated core components that increase productivity and provide the flexibility and usability users demand.
Key features include:

  • Evolution e-mail client and contact manager;

  • MrProject project management software,

  • Mozilla Web browser;

  • GNOME Meeting video conferencing software;

  • Apache 1.3 Web server;

  • Firewall configuration;

  • PostgreSQL relational database management system; and KDE 3.0 and GNOME 1.4 desktops.

The official press release is here.
For more information on Redhat 7.3 click here.
You can download the ISOs here."

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