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Surprise, Shock then Horror
Posted by Rick on Friday, February 01, 2002 - 08:55 AM
Humour Rick writes "I arrived late in London, after an Early start of 5:00 am, and was promptly greeted by John.
"So what been happening then?" I questioned.
"Well it's been a busy show, with lots of delegates. Something that will interest you though Rick.
I got talking to a chap, called Dave who owns a firm in Mid Wales. He wants you to talk to him about our migration to Linux." "Mmm Shouldn't be a problem I replied".
Later that evening I was introduced to Dave in the Hotel bar and after about half an hour of conversation he said.
"So this Linux thingy, what's all that about?"
"Well Super Tramp are Mid way through porting our company to Linux" I replied.
"What will you be using on the desktops?" replied Dave.
"Erm Linux" Said I.
"I just got a great deal " He said.
"I got Microsoft SBS and NT4 for 1200.00, Its got SQL Server, Web Server II, MS Exchange, Web Proxy and all that stuff thrown in a Real bargain."
"What do you run on your Desktop?" I questioned.
"Windows 98 and MS Office" he said.
"Did you get a deal on that as well?" Said I.
"No that was quite expensive actually, about 350 per desktop".
"Wow it's not cheap this MS Software" Said I with a grin.
"So what are you putting in at Supertramp?" Said Dave.
"Well, we are going to run Red Hat 7.1 Linux, with PostgreSQL and My-SQL.
Sendmail, that's like MS Exchange, Squid Web Proxy, I've got Apache Web Server as well, although we're not going to use that yet,
I 've got the Koffice suite. I could maybe use Samba for Windows Shares but as I'm not using Windows, I don't expect i'll need to.
I had a look at Open Office and I think i will use that instead of Koffice."
"Sounds like a lot of software, How many users do you have?" questioned Dave.
"Its going to be about 25 when its finished" said I
"I've got for users it's cost me 2,600.00 so far, and I'm looking at another 7K for all my E-commerce stuff." he said.
Well I nearly choaked on my Jack Daniels.
"You What!" I Said.
"Well how much are you paying for all that Linux Stuff?" Said Dave.
"Well Open Office is Free Open Source Software !"
His Eyes rose with surprise..
"And the Server and Desktop Linux OS stuff, that cost 142.00".
His mouth fell open with Shock.
"So all in all my SBS desktop OS and Office Suite, is roughly about 150.00" Said I.
Well F**## Me he exapsed in Horror.
Well I just smiled and said Goodnight, with a smug look look on my face.. LOVE IT !!"

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