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Knoppix 3.2 Released
Posted by admin on Monday, March 31, 2003 - 06:35 PM
Linux admin writes "KNOPPIX is a bootable CD with a collection of GNU/Linux software, automatic hardware detection, and support for many graphics cards, sound cards, SCSI and USB devices and other peripherals. KNOPPIX can be used as a Linux demo, educational CD, rescue system, or adapted and used as a platform for commercial software product demos. It is not necessary to install anything on a hard disk. Due to on-the-fly decompression, the CD can have up to 2 GB of executable software installed on it.

Available for download here (UK mirror) or freely available at all LUG meetings. New Features:

  • KDE 3.1.1 (Debian/unstable release)

  • XFree86 4.3

  • Evolution 1.2.1

  • OpenOffice 1.0.2 (german and english)

  • KOffice 1.2.1

  • Possibility to create a persistent homedir with personal data and desktop settings on a memory stick or similar, optional with AES encryption

  • Many updates and new tables for hardware detection

For more information on Knoppix, click here."

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