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15th December 2002, The Queens Head, St. Austell.

The Goddies!

Let me start by thanking everyone who donated prizes for the raffle. There were CDs, Polo shirts, various alcoholic things and too much other stuff to mention (video recorder not included!).
In total, we raised 67 for the LUG, which will go towards future events and activities. Thanks everyone!

Various presentations were made

Not only was the attendance better than I think anyone expected, but the quality of presentations and talks was also excellent.
There was a presentation by Neil Williams on the various uses of PHP and XML, which certainly raised the awareness of the two languages and prompted people to investigate. Further information on PHP and XML can be found on Neil's website at www.codehelp.co.uk.
There was also a presentation from Adrian Midgley on the fight to get open source into medicine, with updates from the presentations he has made at previous meetings.
Bill Wilson (Ylem) gave a very interesting presentation on business migration to Linux, which led on the Rick's presentation (more on that in a minute).
Thanks also go to Bill from Ylem, who kindly provided the projector.

Rick's Supertramp presentation

The LUG has been actively involved in the migration of a local business, SuperTramp, from Windows over to 99% Linux.
As the migration has now been completed, Rick Timmis gave a presentation on the migration process along with the all important cash figures.
Hopefully the presentation will be available for download here soon for those who don't believe that Linux can save businesses money.

Thanks go again to Rick, who also donated a network hub to the LUG for use at future meetings.
(it seems we caught Rick in a rather unfortunate pose there - sorry!)

As well as the various talks and presentations (I've almost certainly forgotten some - sorry!) there were also the usual LUG activities such as GnuPG key signings, CD copying and other random fun.

This was, without doubt, the most successful meeting ever. Not only was it the best attended, with the most varied and interesting agenda of talks and presentations, but we also raised 67!
A final thanks go to Richard Brown for organising the venue and also to The Queens Head in St. Austell for having us! Oh, and the food was excellent as well!

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