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19th January 2002, The Ylem Training Centre, Dulverton.

This was the SWLUG's second meeting, for which Ylem kindly provided a venue. As well as members of both the SWLUG and the D&C LUG, there was also representatives of local businesses, interested in learning about Linux.

The Ylem training centre

This is our venue, deep into the middle of nowhere! It wasn't very easy to find, but luckily everyone managed in time for the start of the meeting.

Load-Testing the server

One of the reasons for holding the meeting at Ylem, was because this is where SuperTramp's sever was which it was our job to loadtest. This involved lots of us connecting to the server using Xvnc sessions using VNC terminals kindly loaned for the day by Axel who were in attendance. We all tried our hardest to break the server, but hardly got it to break a sweat!
In the background you can see all the various awards given to Ylem by the companies they work(ed) with.

The lunch that was provided was generally agreed to be the highlight of the day; unfortunately I was unable to get a picture of the layout before it all disappeared! The food was truly wonderful and had required a lot of effort throughout that morning - thanks go to Ylem for that.

There were also talks by Rick from SuperTramp and a man from Axel about the VNC terminals. One of the points mentioned was the possibility to bypass Microsoft licensing by only paying for one machine and connecting VNC terminals to it. Since the meeting, this has been outlawed by Microsoft licensing.

The contents of an Axel VNC box

This is the contents of an Axel VNC box; the box contains everything required to connect to a VNC server and also act as a printer server for a connected printer. One of these VNC boxes will set you back around 200 - much cheaper than buying a full computer but will give you the same functionallity (as long as your server is up to it).

SuperTramp's Server

This is Supertramp's IBM eServer that we were trying to break. It runs RedHat 7.1 and will eventually be the backbone of SuperTramp HQ managing everything from databases to e-mail. It was suggested that a good "load-test" would be to have a network game of Return to Castle Wolfenstein, but unfortunately this couldn't take place... maybe next time!

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