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Linux@Business - Does Linux really work?

With the US economic downturn - most businesses are reigning in on spending. Now is the time for strategic planning - measuring current and projected business requirements over the next 12 months. Taking this further, strategic planning will include strong IT elements - after all - when business and consumer customers respond positively to the upturn in the US economic picture, no doubt there will be immense opportunity for increasing sales and profit. With all this in mind, the IT infrastructure needs to be ready and able to perform and deliver in the pre and post economic recovery.

So, exactly what does this mean to the CIO's, Network/Systems Admins, and entourage of IT staff - who are key elements in the IT machinery of the company? Well, whilst there's time - invest in proven solutions that bring about REAL benefit, REDUCE Total Cost of Ownership, INCREASED manageability, PROVEN Return on Investment, HIGH availability and so much more! Invest, as in financials? NO! Invest in R&D - no I'm not talking 'use that big office as a R&D base'. I'm talking try out the Linux platform.

Yes, I know that terms like "REDUCED Total Cost of Ownership" and "easy Return On Investment" are bandied about by your reseller all the time - but with Linux, this is REAL. So, why delay? Ah, yes - the "what if it does not work?" thought comes to mind. Well, it WILL work - I should know - running an operation spanning over 1300 users and 250 desktops is proof enough for me!

Next question is "Just how do I go about trialling LINUX?" Well, start with seeing just what you need at the moment. Perhaps you are not relishing Microsoft's 3yr 'software rental' scheme, or maybe you are tired of how much Microsoft's software consumes your IT budget. Or, just perhaps, it's the problem that Microsoft software is un-reliable, full of security holes, and features highly in support/helpdesk calls!

So, what can Linux do for your business? Here's a quick run-down:

  • Linux is an extremely reliable, secure and scalable platform on which to build or enhance your business (from Web to Back-End and anywhere in-between;
  • Linux provides high-end web services (which don't require a tonnage of downloads every day for 'last minute security bug-fixes');
  • Linux provides High-Availability for Mission Critical environments;
  • Linux also provides email server solutions, like Sendmail - and - postfix & qpopper. A vast improvement on Exchange Server which, as we know costs 's and can be a real beast to implement;
  • Linux provides TRUE TRANSPARENT INTEGRATION for Windows, Apple, etc;
  • etc, etc, etc.

Hmm ... did you know that a Linux PC can run as a Microsoft Windows Server? Without the 'MS headaches' and 'MS license costs'! If you want to run Linux as a NT Server - you CAN!

Good old Windows NT users won't know what hit them, it'll be like "Gosh, I haven't had any network problems in accounts for ages !?"

So, key app's to investigate are:

  • Sendmail (or Postfix & Qpopper) (liken to Exchange Server).
  • Smoothwall (liken to ISA/Proxy Server).
  • Samba (liken to NT/2000 Server)

Don't forget...

  • Linux has far more than 'Bill Gates' FIVE 9s availabilty.
  • Linux IS compatible with Microsoft software.
  • Linux has MINIMAL costs.
  • Linux has MAXIMUM reliability, security and scalability.
  • Linux is the solution.

Article written by Matthew Carson.

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